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An excuse to learn Radare2

Four weeks ago, the opportunity to learn something about Reverse Engineering presented itself, I was asked to analyze and, if possible, modify a DOS executable. I saw this as a great excuse to tune my skills in assembly, so I began to search for a tool fitted for this task and as a main goal, I wanted to teach myself how to use it.

A few searches lead me to Radare2. At that point, I had already heard about IDA, Ollydbg, Hope and gdb but I had never used any of those tools, except gdb (during college).

Not knowing anything (practical) about Reverse Engineering, I couldn’t jump right into an executable with probably hundreds of lines, so I needed some exercises to get used to this tool, and that was how I found about Crackme exercises by IOLI. Later on, after read the Radare’s manual, I discovered that the authors also recommend this series of exercises as a practice.

Through the next posts I will document my solution to the Crackme exercises and at the same time learn something NEW!

It is not the objective of this post to publish the DOS executable or its disassembling.

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  1. VIvek VIvek

    Hey, from where did you get crackme file. can you share download link or attach with your blog so that i can try out along with you and learn from basics.

    • moveax moveax

      Hi VIvek.
      I had forgot to add that link and I only did it yesterday.
      Anyway, you can find this exercises at other sites on web.
      Best Regards 😉

  2. VIvek VIvek

    Sorry i got that link. I didnt saw radare post properly.

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