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About me


Young guy, self-taught. Definitely gets things done. This is a logbook, not a blog.


I’m a 24 year-old guy, graduated in Information Security from the University of Lisbon and currently working as an Information Security Manager, although 99% of the time I’m a swiss army knife.
Basically, people hand me projects which may or may not be related to Security and expect that I implement them all by myself, whether they include developing a platform from scratch (frontend and backend), deploy a new Wireless Infrastructure or even a VoIP system.

I love to learn new things, even if not related to IT, so being a swiss army knife allowed me to acquire knowledge in so many different subjects which is a major plus.

I started this website, which I like to call logbook, to document things that I learn along the way and to keep myself motivated. Also, I wanted to share my work so people can review it and give me some feedback in order to improve myself.

Currently developing a VoIP System from scratch based on Asterisk (more than 100 hardphones and any number of softphones)


Key areas of expertise

Network administration
VoIP Systems
?Reverse Engineering?


Currently studying microeconomics (self-taught, obviously)
Trying to fit climbing in my calendar
Open to new challenges

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